Just as salt flavours a meal, we desire to share our passion for Archery with you and through that, add flavour to your life. Similarly just as light illuminates space, we hope your new found love for the sport will help gradually put Archery in the spoRt light! 

At Salt & Light Archery™, we believe that Archery as a sport is more than just shooting arrows and hitting the bullseye. It also helps shape our values, building friendships and characters in a long run. Hence our tagline "More than just shooting arrows.".

For Archery to become a well-participated sport in Singapore. 

To share our experience and pass on the passion for Archery with everyone.



With slightly more than a decade of experience in recurve target archery and having had the privilege of representing Singapore at a few international tournaments, Si Lie desires to share his experience in archery and pass on this passion that Archery may become a well participated sport in Singapore. This passion-driven venture started on 10th of October 2016.

• Started Archery in 2006 from Ngee Ann Polytechnic
• National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Level 1

• MOE Certified

• Graduated from NTU Sport Science and Management (Class of 2015)
• Represented Singapore at World Championships, World Cups, World University Games 2011, Indoor Archery World cups, SEAG 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, ASEAN University Games, etc.

• Medalist from SEA Games, ASEAN University Games, Would Indoors, etc.

• Coach of Singapore Polytechnic Archery Team

- Pol-ITE Men's Overall Champion 2018 & 2019



Tong Aun has more than 10 years of experience in Archery since his Ngee Ann Poly days.

Being the most patience and friendly coach among the team, Tong Aun heads the SLA Youth/Junior Training squad and most of our Basic Archery Courses. He is also well-received by our participants from large group events as he explains and instructs very clearly.



• Started Archery in 2008 from Ngee Ann Polytechnic

• National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Level 1

• MOE Certified

• Graduated from University of Birmingham, Business Management with Communication

• Represented NP Archery, Sib Jum Archery Club, Team Salt & Light Archery at various local tournaments

• Head Coach of Salt & Light Archery Junior/Youth Team

• Coach of Nanyang Polytechnic Archery Team



Keith Teo, also a fellow NP Archer and has been on the shooting line for more than 10 years as well, represented Singapore at multiple tournaments with Si Lie.


Specialize and passionate for competitive archery coaching, he is currently the coach of RP/SUSS/NUS Archery teams and manages our SLA’s marketing and social media, as well as some small group events.



• Started archery in 2009 from Ngee Ann Polytechnic

• National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Level 1

• MOE Certified

• Graduated from RMIT, School of Business

• Represented Singapore at World Championships, World Cups, SEAG 2013, 2015, ASEAN University Games, etc.

• Medalist from 2015 SEA Games, 2016 ASEAN University Games, etc.

• Coach of Republic Polytechnic Archery Club

- Pol-ITE Women’s Overall Champion 2017 & 2019

• Coach of SUSS Archery Club

• Assistant Coach NUS Archery Club


At Salt & Light Archery, we only engage instructors who have the passion and experience in archery so as to ensure quality learning sessions for our students and participants. We love what we do and we enjoy sharing with others what we love. 

Our instructors are all competitive archers and have at least 2 years of experience in target archery. Among our instructors, there are also a few National archers and Singapore University team representatives.

Erwan Zulfaqar

Lai Jiahao

Clarice Ong

Sion Teo

Keller Chai

Benjin Lau

Jonas Lim

Justin Ng

(With a few other instructors pending for the next photoshoot)


Contact Numbers:

General Enquiries/Funshoot/Courses

Keith Teo: 9099 5029 (West Coast)

Caryn Sim : 8488 6484 (Punggol)

James Ooi : 9188 9709

Email: hello@slarchery.sg

Corperate/School Events enquiries 

Tan Si Lie (Israel) : 9236 8385

Matthew Koh: 9697 1902

Email: events@slarchery.sg

Archery Ranges

Viaduct Range @ West Coast

- Sheltered up to 70m

Indoor Range @ Punggol

- Indoor up to 12m

Archery Pro Shop

Retail/Orders Enquiries 

Keith Teo : 9099 5029

Email: hello@slarchery.sg


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