Target Archery

Recurve Target Archery is the official Olympics sport and the most recognizable format of our modern archery.

We have both recreational as well as competitive activities. For recreational, we provide try-out session, funshoots, company cohesion and team bonding activities; feel free to contact us if you would like to have a customize archery programme. As for those who found themselves wanting to pick up the sport of archery on a slightly more serious note, we also provide Basic Archery Course (BAC) which covers equipment preparation, olympic bow shooting technique and archery scoring format. For competitive services, we have private and team coaching services available as well.

We provide wooden bow sets and arrows, target boards together with protective gears. We have various bow types suitable for kids from as young as 4 years old to try out archery, to junior bows for children age 7-12 years old and the standard bows for teenagers, adults and even senior citizens.

Our sessions are all guided by passionate and experienced instructors who are competitive archers ourselves.

Here are some of our programmes at our Ranges:

Archery Try-Out

Cost: $10 for 10 shots

For: Beginners

Duration: 10mins (Walk-in is available but subjected to schedule)


Cost: $35/pax

For: Beginners

Duration: 1hr guided session preferably by appointment

Basic Archery Course (BAC)

Cost: $150/pax

For: Beginners who have preferably tried archery and want to pursue archery further

Duration: 4hrs (Can be scheduled into 2hrs or hourly session) by appointment only

Content: Olympic Shooting technique, bow assembly, scoring, basic rules and regulations, theory and practical tests

Outcome: Upon completion of the BAC, archer will receive a certificate and may come for free & easy range usage and equipment rental without supervision.

SLA Junior and Youth Team

Cost: $220 for 4 Sessions (Valid for 2 Months)

For: Juniors and Youth archer age between 6 years old to 18 years old who are Basic Archery Course Certified

Duration: Weekly 2 hours of training and coaching

Content: Equipment provided. Potentially represent SLA for youth archery tournaments and inter-school tournaments.

SLA Master Archery Class

Cost: $180 for 4 Sessions (Valid for 2 Months)

For: Archer age 18 years old and above who are Basic Archery Course Certified

Duration: Weekly 1.5 hours of training and coaching

Content: Potentially represent Team SLA for archery tournaments locally and internationally.

Target Archery Events and Competitions

Contact us for Team Bonding and Team Cohesion activities rate.

Tactical archery game (tag)

TAG is basically a combat sport similar to paintball and laser tag, except that you shoot with a bow and a modified foam-tipped arrow.

It emphasizes strongly on team building as it involves tactics planning, communication, coordination and courageous execution. We have different variety of game concepts for you and your team to experience.


All our equipment are well maintained and sanitized prior to each deployment. As competitive archers ourselves, we definitely have certain level of expectation for our equipment readiness. 

Contact us for Team Bonding and Team Cohesion activities rate.

Event Booth

For roadshows, carnivals, parties, funshoot, events, etc.

Archery funshoot booth for your event patrons to try out archery with our instructors to guide them through the basic. It is available in both Target Archery equipment, as well as the foam-tipped arrows for safety consideration. 

Other Archery Activities

Should you like to have a customize archery activity, feel free to contact us and we will try to work out something for you :)


Contact Numbers:

General Enquiries/Funshoot/Courses

Keith Teo: 9099 5029 (West Coast)

Caryn Sim : 8488 6484 (Punggol)

James Ooi : 9188 9709

Email: hello@slarchery.sg

Corperate/School Events enquiries 

Tan Si Lie (Israel) : 9236 8385

Matthew Koh: 9697 1902

Email: events@slarchery.sg

Archery Ranges

Viaduct Range @ West Coast

- Sheltered up to 70m

Indoor Range @ Punggol

- Indoor up to 12m

Archery Pro Shop

Retail/Orders Enquiries 

Keith Teo : 9099 5029

Email: hello@slarchery.sg


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