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TRU Ball Abyss Flex Release

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Product Details

TRU Ball took its popular Abyss thumb-trigger release and made it even better. Interchangeable and movable fingers allow you to customize the feel of this release.

• T.R.U. Ball© Release pairs with Jesse Broadwater to introduce the micro-adjustable, thumb-activated Abyss Flex
• A perfect match to the Fulkrum Flex tournament release, that provides an archer with an easy transition between back-tension and thumb-activated models
• Precision CNC-machined out of solid brass with aluminum finger pieces and polished hardened stainless steel internal mechanisms
• Quicksilver finish; corrosion resistant electroless brushed nickel plated brass
• Features micro-adjustable finger grip locations, where each individual finger position can be adjusted up to fifteen degrees in a forward and backward direction
• Three options for handle configurations exist; a three finger, four finger and three finger claw
• Multiple head locations in the Lever Alignment System "LAS", designed for different anchor point styles
• Incorporates a micro-adjust set screw with lock for sensitivity adjustment, and a separate travel adjustment screw allows the archer to personalize the feel of the release

Limited stock. Lead time of around 2-4 weeks for order fulfillment. For more information please contact us.

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